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INTRODUCTION MC Motor Technology (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. abbreviated as MC Motor, is a brand advanced high-tech manufacturing enterprise which focuses on the design, research and manufacture of the new generation of special motor systems as well as technical solutions with main products including high-speed compressors, fans, pumps, and large load electric-powered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) , robots and other emerging industries. At present, the company has worldwide reserved intellectual property rights about approximately one hundred core technologies, adequately covering the material, process, device, system design and other aspects, most of which have been successfully applied to self-developed products of MC Motor. Allowing for the existing painful points in motor industry, the company has independently developed and integrated a number of patented technologies. Furthermore, it has conducted a series of comprehensive upgrading on the traditional motor equipment still used in the industry to realize the high efficiency, reliability, safety, energy saving, light weight and miniaturization of the motor equipment. FEATURES Considering the different characteristics of the motors in high-speed compressors, fans, pumps, robots, and UAV , MC Motor has led a series of scientific and technological innovation and subverted the existing technical route to let the motors armed with the technical features of high efficiency, high power density, high torque density and high reliability, which, certainly, releases a strong product competitiveness and provides users with excellent products as well as the user-tailored personalized comprehensive electric driven solutions. TECHNICAL TEAM The company has recalled a joint cooperation between the Dr. team and the top technical experts to provide users in all sectors a complete efficient electric driving solutions, which means a strong assurance for the quality of the developed motors. On the quality system, the team have appealed a strict quality control activities in accordance with the high specification of ISO9001/ISO14001/TS16949, management system; on innovation and development, the group has world's leading computer simulation platform, mature structure design abilities, fast electromagnetic design abilities, rapid and precise multi-physical fields coupling design optimization ability in mechanics, vibration, noise, temperature, fluid etc; on test and inspection, the team has the leading experiment and test resources, including the perfect key-parts testing conditions, first-rank magnetic materials, insulation materials, metal materials test analysis conditions, and rich overall machine testing conditions; on the product manufacture, the team has adopted the automatic assembly process and has many world-class production lines and has been equipped with advanced production methods.

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