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Forbes Marshall Inc.

About Company:

With experience of over seven decades, we have brought to the industry several unique and innovative products and services that solve real problems. Our R&D efforts have resulted in several award winning products that are appreciated by customers. We deliver from five benchmark manufacturing facilities, including one in the UK. We have also partnered with technology leaders and pioneers in Belgium, Germany and Japan. Working with a focus on health, education and empowerment; we thoughtfully choose and then partner with organisations that have expertise, competence and similar values. These partnerships have helped us achieve scale and impact. Although the range and scope of our programmes have changed over the years. what remains constant has been our dedication to the belief that, as an organisation, we are capable of making changes to better the society around us, and therefore we must.
  1. Our core values of Family Spirit, Integrity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Delivering Value not only to our customers, but also to our members and society

  2. Quality through Innovation, Seven Decades of Process Knowledge, Scripting social change

  3. Forbes Marshall is committed to environment friendly practices with sustainable growth

  4. We sincerely believe that the health of our members contributes greatly to a lively, innovative and creative atmosphere at the workplace

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