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We are designing the world’s most efficient range-extended electric vehicle powertrains.

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Wrightspeed is a powertrain company; we do not manufacture vehicles. We like to make things go, and we like doing it well. Built on a tradition of quality systems engineering, Wrightspeed’s powertrains are the next step in the evolution of vehicle propulsion. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Wrightspeed’s engineering team has particular strengths in turbine generators, control systems, high-reliability software, and high-power analog electronics. Taking a page from the aerospace industry, Wrightspeed has designed and manufactured a turbine generator for commercial trucks fleets, and for the first time successfully applied advanced aviation technology to vehicles. Today, our flagship product line, the Route™, a range-extended electric (REV) powertrain, marks the next era of transportation innovation, utilizing our turbine generator, Fulcrum. Just as turbine engines displaced piston engines in airplanes in the 1950s, turbines are displacing conventional engines in REV applications, ranging from Class 8 Garbage trucks to public buses to drayage trucks.
  1. Range-extended Electric Vehicle (REV) powertrain

  2. Multi-fuel Turbine Generator

  3. Geared Traction Drive (GTD)

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