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Distributor, Service Provider

Sawary Trading and Contracting Co. Ltd.

ar-Riyad, ar-Riyad, Saudi Arabia

About Company:

Sawary Energy has provided innovative, comprehensive power solutions to businesses and residents across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1975. In the 46 years, we have serviced our community, we have been the company that government, industries, businesses, and homes rely on to deliver an essential utility needed to forge a bright future and live a productive and enjoyable life – electric power! We maintain a competitive edge within our industry. Our ‘One-stop-shop’ distribution method assures that our valued clients receive the best products and services available today. You’ll find that you can depend on us to supply the power to fulfill all of your energy demands in today’s modern world. Our unrivaled expertise and operational systems position us to power the world of the present, and future generations. Sawary Energy is here to provide the energy our clients need to pursue their personal, professional and commercial interests easily and efficiently, year after year.