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FishFlow Innovations

Protect fish in lakes and rivers

About Company:

By today FishFlow Innovations has grown to a worldwide leading company in innovative fish friendly products for passage and deterrence of fish. Our products offer new solutions that help to prevent fish damage and mortality. Every design revolves around the natural behavior and preference of fish. FishFlow Innovations is the preferred partner for water boards and water related organisations that uphold efficiency and well-being of fish. With 8 patents and more than 70 realised projects in 5 countries we are building a future where the prosperity of aquatic ecosystems and efficient generation of sustainable energy are taken for granted.
  1. Free Flow Turbine

  2. Fish Friendly Screw Pump

  3. Siphon Fish Ladder

  4. Fish Friendly Screw Turbine

  5. Low Pressure Hydro Turbine

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    Hydro Turbines
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    Tidal Turbine
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