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About Company:

Founded in 1871, Weir engineers solutions that improve safety, efficiency and sustainability - helping to provide the essential resources needed by a growing world.
  1. We work in partnership with customers to solve their biggest operational challenges safely, efficiently and sustainably.

  2. 15,000 people in over 50 countries serving mining, infrastructure and oil and gas markets.

  3. Our vision is to be the most admired engineering business in our markets.

Categories of Products Manufactured by Weir:

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  • Pumps
    13 Devices
  • Valves
    1 Device
  • Axial Pump
    1 Device
  • Positive Displacement Pump
    7 Devices
  • Butterfly Valve
    1 Device
  • Check Valve
    2 Devices

Services by Weir:

  • Solid handling and slurry pumps - Submersible pumps - Pumps - Gate Valve - Knife gate valve - Other Valves - Control Valve - Check Valve - Butterfly Valve - Glob Valve