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About Company:

Ferroli industries encompassed a huge transformation in order to be ready to offer you complete solutions, properly scalable into other comfort systems for air and water, applicable into houses as well as into large commercial and industrial surfaces. Ferroli S.p.A. has launched a project aimed at adapting its risk prevention and management system according to the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 and the applicable industry best practices.
  1. leveraged innovation and quality as key factors in order to provide a “smart comfort” to our customers.

  2. monitoring the implementation of and compliance with the Model

  3. conduction of periodic continuous and unannounced inspections and checks

Categories of Products Manufactured by Ferroli S.p.A.:

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    Hot Water Boilers
    41 Devices
    Solid Fuel
    12 Devices
    Steam Boilers
    24 Devices
    9 Devices
    Condensing Boilers
    2 Devices
    Industrial heat pump
    9 Devices