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VG Engineering Consultants


VG Engineering Consultants

Westhill, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom


We are an engineering consultancy specialising in light industrial gas turbine and gas engine driven gas compression and power generation applications in the 1.2MW to 20MW power range. Our capabilities include the following: 1) Construction and assembly of gas turbine and diesel engine packages for gas compression, mechanical drive applications, propulsion and power generation including all intermediary equipment (accessory and RGB gearboxes). 2) Commissioning and start up of gas turbine and gas engine packages and skids. 3) Performance optimisation, performance reviews, root cause failure analysis (RCFA) and material failure analysis. 4) Classification surveys including best practise audits. 5) Mechanical and E&I site based maintenance schedules including alignment checks, borescope inspections, calibration checks, and other associated activities. 6) Gas turbine engine overhaul, inspection, and repair.