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Perhaps you’re looking for a basic shell-and-tube heat exchanger. Or maybe your application requires something more complex, like a sophisticated, precision-engineered unit. Whether you are looking for air coolers, heat transfer coils, compact brazed, welded, gasketed plate units or packaged steam condensers, Standard Xchange has whatever it takes to meet your heat transfer requirements. Standard Xchange has been developing heat transfer solutions for more than 90 years, for just about every industry. Today, we offer the broadest range of product available anywhere. And we’re ready to share the benefits of those years of research, design capability and experience in heat transfer in developing the best solutions for your applications.
  1. Brazed Plate

  2. Gasketed Plate

  3. Pre-Engineered Shell & Tube

  4. Costum Shell & Tube

  5. Air-cooled

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