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Goldwind is a world-leading wind turbine technology and energy solutions provider. Through the implementation and investment in industry-leading turbine technology, water treatment solutions, and other green energy technological ventures, Goldwind has been hailed as one of China’s most innovative companies. The company now operates on 6 continents, has more than 8,000 employees, and more than 50 GW of installed wind capacity. Goldwind currently focuses on wind power system solutions, renewable energy, and innovative businesses and incubation. We have seven major R&D centers around the world and have partnered with seven leading international universities. Our powerful R&D capabilities have enabled us to undertake nearly 30 key national scientific research projects, obtain over 3,900 technology patents, and receive design and type certifications for more than 33 equipment models. Goldwind strives to promote the global energy transition and develop affordable, reliable, and sustainable future energy sources.
  1. Wind power system solutions

  2. Renewable energy

  3. Smart energy

  4. Innovative businesses and incubation

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