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UNISTEAM™ oilfield steam generators plant is located in the Urals, the industrial heart of Russia, where traditions of heavy engineering industry have been developing over the centuries and love for the work has been passing from one generation to another. In UNSITEAM™ the idea of fundamental and conscious attitude to the work is visible from the staff recruitment stage to ‘the last screw tightening’. Energy of steam produced by UNISTEAM™ boilers facilitates oil and gas companies to extract hard-to-reach hydrocarbon layers, railway companies – to transport highly inflammable liquids safely, cement factories - to manufacture high quality cement, food industry enterprises – to produce confectionery, bakery, diary, vegetables, and meat products keeping all their healthy benefits, laundries and dry-cleaners – to enhancement the laundry processes. UNISTEAM™ designs and produces solutions for more than 15 industries. The product portfolio has six main lines.
  1. We provide efficient technical support

  2. Steam generators are composed of boilers and burners of in-house production

  3. We provide full range of spare parts which are available in stock and can be delivered worldwide

  4. Design engineering department in cooperation with process engineering department

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