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Advanced Industrial Components Inc.

Distinctive and Versatile Designs, Merged with Advanced Manufacturing Technologies.

About Company:

AIC is a group of companies that offers complete heat transfer solutions to the global market. Our expertise in this field stems from years of knowledge and working experience with diverse applications and industries around the world.
  1. Precision Straight Tube

  2. Sanitary Shell & Tube

  3. Shell & Straight Tube

  4. Marine Grade Straight Tube

  5. Economizers

Categories of Products Manufactured by Advanced Industrial Components Inc.:

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    Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
    6 Devices
    Brazed Plate heat exchangers
    2 Devices
    Spiral Heat Exchanger
    1 Device
    Gasketed plate heat exchangers
    1 Device
    Other Heater & Heat Exchanger
    2 Devices