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Minimac Systems Private Limited

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About Company:

Minimac Systems Pvt Ltd, incorporated in 2012, is a leading manufacturer, exporter and technical consultancy company having its origin in India. We offer the Best-In-Class, Versatile, Application Compatible, Cost-Efficient Equipment for Lubrication Reliability and Contamination Control. Minimac provides global quality standardised and customised solutions for High-Velocity Oil Flushing, Chemical Cleaning, Oil Purification & Oil Testing. Our Vision is to spearhead technology evolution to achieve ZERO MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN. We have established a strong brand and market presence in Asia, the Middle East & Caspian, North Africa, Africa, South-East Asia, and Australia.

Categories of Products Manufactured by Minimac Systems Private Limited:

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    Oil Filter & Purifier
    4 Devices
    Chemical Cleaning
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    Oil Flushing
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