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Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC)

BLUE at nature - GREEN at heart

Jessup, Maryland, United States

About Company:

Baltimore Aircoil is a global leader in developing, manufacturing and distributing evaporative or hybrid cooling and ice thermal storage products. We meet clients’ specific cooling needs with high performance and environmental awareness with a product and solution for each market and need. This is thanks to the clear vision, its solid and reliable foundation and a team of experts with unrivaled experience in developing innovative cooling concepts.
  1. Energy saving

  2. Air conditioning

  3. Water saving

  4. Industrial manufacturing

  5. Refrigeration systems

Categories of Products Manufactured by Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC):

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    9 Devices
    Closed Circuit
    75 Devices
    Evaporative Condenser
    29 Devices
    9 Devices