About Company:

D’Alessandro Termomeccanica company has been producing since 1980 biomass heating generators, paying great attention to the design and technological research for alternative heating systems.The product range D’Alessandro is applied to different sectors, such as residential heating, agriculture and zoo-technical, applications for industrial plants and district heating. The heat generators are manufactured to be using solid fuels, especially pellet and biomasses deriving from agricultural and forestry residues which are a great resource for man and for the preservation of the planet.
  1. Our goal is to manufacture products according to the highest quality standards, ensuring reliability and excellent energy performance with low environmental impact.

  2. The continuous research and innovation in products and production processes is the driving force of our technology.

  3. The high quality standards of products and production processes is certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 and according to the European Standards EN 303-5:2004 (class 3) and EN 303-5:2012 (class 5)

  4. Materials and manufacturing according P.E.D. directive (Pressure Equipment Directive) certified by a recognized Italian authority;

  5. Testing and pressure start-up in our premises

Categories of Products Manufactured by D'ALESSANDRO TERMOMECCANICA:

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    Water-Tube Boilers
    13 Devices
    Hot Water Boilers
    37 Devices
    Solid Fuel
    53 Devices
    Steam Boilers
    3 Devices
    Smoke-Tube boiler
    4 Devices