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At AIXRO GmbH, we are recognized for the highest quality standards, precision, and innovations. Rotary engines can be used in a wide field of application, as they continue to impress with minimum weight, small dimensions, and a great performance. Josef Rothkrantz's company has built rotary engines since 1999 in small and medium-sized batches and is one of a few manufacturers in Europe. AIXRO succeeds where others fail - namely in the manufacturing of rotary engines. AIXRO has managed to produce economically viable engines at a reasonable price; a truly cost-effective alternative. The precise manufacturing of each component part presents a particular challenge in the batch production of rotary engines. At AIXRO, we produce those high-precision components, micron-precise, using the latest CNC technology. Each part undergoes continuous 3D testing. We produce standardized engines and small batches but we love to customize our engines. We design and build your individual AIXRO engine which will meet your highest requirements.
  1. Reliability

  2. Optimal power/weight ratio

  3. Reduced exhaust emission

  4. Vibration-free

  5. From prototyping to production

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