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Vent-Rite Valve

Benton Harbor, Michigan, United States[email protected]+12699258812

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Vent-Rite Valve is a manufacturer of steam vent products, sometimes referred to steam valves or air elimination valves. Originally located in Medfield, MA, Vent-Rite Valve Corporation was acquired by Thomas J. Swan and Joseph E. Swan in 1979. It remained at the Medfield location until 1988, at which time the manufacturing was moved to Benton Harbor, Michigan. Vent-Rite Valve has been supplying high quality steam air valves to home owners, public buildings, institutions and industry for over fifty years and continues to enjoy a reputation for reliability and excellence.
  1. Radiator Vent

  2. Convector And Risers Vent

  3. Main Vent

  4. Unit Heaters Vent

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