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NORDMANN Engineering AG has designed and built professional humidification products, which it markets and sells across the globe via 45 sales agents in various countries, for over three decades. Established 1986 in Muttenz, Switzerland, the company relocated in 2009 to Pfäffikon in the Swiss Canton of Schwyz, before moving back to the place of its origins on the River Rhine in Basel, where the borders of three countries: France, Germany and Switzerland meet and form a tripoint. To begin, NORDMANN Engineering AG designed and built innovative, high-quality electrode steam generators solely for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (cooling) applications. Today, NORDMANN Engineering AG also has a very respectable range of steam bath products. Since many years the Nordmann Engineering belongs to the Condair Group AG, Switzerland. According to that we ever since benefited from the synergies in R&D, supply chain and our assembly factory in Hamburg, Germany. As the Condair Group pursues a one-brand strategy the group management decided to change the brand from Nordmann Engineering to Condair in 2020. In addition, we offer products with still other humidification technologies for our markets. If you don’t see what you need in our brochures, our experienced engineers will design a solution to meet your specific needs.