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Jumag Dampferzeuger GmbH

About Company:

"Made in Germany" stands for quality. And our JUMAG steam boilers are "made in Baden-Württemberg" – the land of engineers. Our passion is to always be pioneers in technology, to continue improving and becoming more innovative. We look for every opportunity to avoid energy losses. Our goal is to develop and build the most efficient and user-friendly steam systems. And, of course, to offer the best service, in Germany and abroad. With our staff of more than 50 employees, we have been developing, manufacturing and selling oil and gas-fired steam boilers, electrical steam boilers and waste heat boilers as an owner-operated company for over 40 years. Our finely tuned complete system consists of extremely energy efficient and environmentally friendly steam boilers, economisers, feed water and condensate containers, blow down vessels, electronically controlled pressure reduction stations and many other components.
  1. JUMAG steam systems represent efficiency and user-friendliness.

  2. JUMAG steam boilers are used wherever steam is used for heating, cleaning, sterilising and moulding, or for enabling chemical processes

  3. Individualised solutions in terms of dimensioning, features and system control

  4. In order to ensure cost-effective and reliable operation in your company, we not only service the steam boilers ourselves, but all the components of your steam system as well.

  5. We set high quality standards for ourselves and our partners

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