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Whaley Products, Incorporated (WPI)

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Whaley Products, Incorporated (WPI) was formed in 1993 by Glenn Whaley. WPI began by producing industrial process cooling equipment for the plastics industry. As time passed, WPI gained experience in many different types of industries and applications in which its process cooling systems could be used. WPI continued to develop flexible, diverse, standard product lines to serve these industries for the past 20 years. Combining great employees, a strict quality and service based corporate philosophy, and exceptional products, WPI has established itself as one of the key manufacturers in process cooling systems and equipment. Whaley Products, Incorporated is a Texas Corporation. Its operations are spread across a total of 3 properties (2each in Burkburnett, TX, and 1each in McKinney, TX). Being centrally located on the North American Continent has enhanced WPI's ability to provide its clients with quality equipment and exceptional job site arrival times.
  1. Industrial Air Cooled Chiller Units

  2. Water Cooled Chiller Systems

  3. Industrial Water Cooling Towers

  4. Process Cooling Pump Tank Stations

  5. Heat Transfer Skid System

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