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J&H Industrielle Gebläsetechnik GmbH

We move air!

North Rhine-Westphalia, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
https://www.jh-spelleken.de/[email protected]+4902026940

About Company:

J&H Industrielle Gebläsetechnik GmbH was founded in 2002 - as the only company that is officially allowed to continue the name H. Spelleken Nachf. As a specialist in rotary lobe blowers, J&H continues this tradition and consistently develops it further. Heinrich Spelleken founded a company in 1865 that developed and manufactured blowers for the numerous forges in the Bergisches Land. The availability of air in easily controllable volume flows significantly increased the productivity of metalworking companies. Since then, J&H has been a legal successor to Spelleken and, in addition to offering a very wide range of high-quality rotary lobe blowers, also offers international customers the repair and service of existing ventilation systems. J&H Industrielle Gebläsetechnik GmbH is the official successor to H. Spelleken Lufttechnik GmbH.
  1. we advise our customers comprehensively and support them in the selection of the optimal rotary blower for the individual application.

  2. We also implement special machines based on our broad catalog range.

  3. we are happy to provide advice on how to optimize existing ventilation systems.

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