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Turbine Controls & Excitation Group

A field engineering service company specializing in Turbine Controls, Exciter, and LCI Systems

Cumberland, Maine, United States
https://tcexg.com/[email protected]+18558232875

About Company:

Established in 2009, TC&E is a Global Full Service Power Generation Controls Company specializing in Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine and Generator Control systems. TC&E Field Engineers are OEM trained turbine start-up and commissioning engineers. TC&E offers a complete turnkey solution for retrofitting aging excitation systems. With the ability to retrofit any existing excitation control system up to 6000 field amps.Whether you are maintaining older equipment or planning to upgrade to newer technology. TC&E can provide unbiased technical advice and help develop the best strategy for your equipment and operational needs while specializing in the following: TURBINE CONTROLS: MK-I, II, III+ , MK-IV, V, Ve, VI, & VIe, DLN 1, 2.0, & 2.6 Tuning, Gas & Liquid Fuel, Bently Nevada Vibration, Custom Logic, HMI Replacements EXCITERS: Analog SCT/PPT, Shunt, BUS-FED, EX2000, EX2100, LCI - Starting Means, Brush, Basler, Hitachi, NERC Testing TRAINING: MK IV, V & VI, Operator & Technician, Onsite & Offsite, Exciter Systems, LCI Systems, Operations, Basic & Advanced Turbine, Gas & Steam PROJECTS: CPD Upgrades, VFD Projects, Parasitic Load Reduction, DLN Tuning Systems, Custom Cimplicity Screens, LCI Cross Over, Control System Upgrades, Compressor Bleed Valve, TIL's TC&E provides solutions to increase the longevity of today’s aging power plants using new technology and decades of experience. Please contact us anytime to see how TC&E can help improve the quality and reliability of your plant.
  1. Gas and Steam Turbine Control Systems

  2. Excitation System Services and Retrofit

  3. LCI Services, Retrofits and Installation

  4. Turbine Control System Upgrades

  5. Vibration Monitoring and Instrumentation