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Fujian Snowman Co., Ltd.

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Fujian Snowman Co., Ltd. established in March, 2000 and public-listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange in Dec, 2011 (Stock code: 002639). Snowman, is a high-tech enterprise with compressor technology as a core, specialized in development, designing, manufacturing, sales, installation and after-sales service of industrial & commercial refrigeration and cold storage units as well as complete packages of refrigeration systems and ice making system. Snowman ranks among the top in the comprehensive market shares of ice machines globally. Snowman also actively carry out domestic and international mergers and acquisitions, obtaining the core technology of designing and manufacturing high-level compressors. Through 100% acquisition of the inventor of screw compressor SRM from Sweden and famous compressor manufacturer RefComp from Italy, Snowman owns two famous brands for open-type/semi-hermetic screw compressor and piston compressor, which makes it become the world famous compressor manufacturing enterprise. In 2015, Snowman held shares in Concept NREC from US. All of these make Snowman extend its business range to energy utilization using its compressor technology, such as ultra-low temperature refrigeration, waste heat recovery and low-grade energy utilization, air system for fuel cell, etc., capable of providing more products and solutions for global energy-saving and environmental-protection.
  1. Industrial Refrigeration

  2. Commercial refrigeration

  3. CO2 Refrigeration

  4. Marine Refrigeration

  5. Hydrogen energy

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