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POLLRICH GmbH is a leading manufacturer and a professional implementer of heavy-duty industrial fans with approx. 200 employees at its headquarter in Siegen and at the facilities in Siegen and Moenchengladbach. Furthermore, POLLRICH has many international representations in many countries around the world. One special feature is the exceptional system expertise in the field of plant engineering and construction: By transfer of knowledge within our group and our associate company ROTAMILL, we have a deep knowledge and understanding of our customer processes and can offer an extraordinary competence for the entire engineering process.
  1. Being a proven Partner for Efficiency and Innovation, we always feel at home whenever powerful and reliable solutions are required.

  2. Leading in sustainable performance and service-reliability

  3. we supply individual solutions for complex tasks and help to increase your productivity

  4. Exceptional system expertise in plant engineering

  5. Comprehensive expertise

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