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STALMARK to producent kotłów CO.

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STALMARK is a producer of CO boilers that has been on the market since 2002. For several years, it has been manufacturing and supplying you with high-class central heating boilers designed for burning eco peas, pellets and hard coal. STALMARK products are subject to constant modifications and improvements, thanks to which heating devices work at the highest level, achieving high technical parameters. Intuitive control used in the controller allows you to quickly and easily set the boiler, which is also possible to expand the function of the regulator, so that simple operation will take place via the Internet or GSM. Thanks to the use of modern electronic technology, it is possible to connect a room regulator. The production of central heating boilers is in accordance with applicable regulations and standards, which guarantees their quality and safety of use.
  1. Boilers of the STALMARK brand have all the necessary certificates

  2. They have the highest degree, efficiency, they are class 5 boilers

  3. they therefore meet the European Union directive on energy and emission requirements for furnaces, which requires that the boiler should have very high energy efficiency, and a very low level of emissions to the atmosphere.

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