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HC Heat-Exchangers (HCHE)

HC Heat-Exchangers (HCHE)

Western Cape, Western Cape, South Africa


HC Heat-Exchangers (HCHE) is a design and manufacturing company, specialising in air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment. HC started from The Heating Centre group which was founded in 1973 and subsequently traded under the German based Günter SA banner from 1995 until their withdrawal from South Africa in 2001, after which HC Heat-Exchangers was established from the solid foundation left in place by Günter SA. Testament to our formidable drive and success we began with a mere 2500 m2 floor space and has rapidly expanded since to our new and improved 16000 m2 production facility located in the East of Johannesburg. Our combination of teamwork, skills and values serve as a prime example of what is possible when passion and beliefs align. Contributing towards making us the largest manufacturer of finned tube Heat-Exchangers in Southern Africa, serving both the Commercial and Industrial market segments, is not only the strength and motivation drawn from our strong and dedicated staff complement of over 300 but also the combination of our extensive research and development expertise.

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