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Fetterolf Corporation

Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, United States
https://www.fetterolfvalves.com/[email protected]+16105841500

About Company:

Fetterolf Corporation is a world-wide specialist in the design, manufacture, and distribution of high-quality industrial valves for severe process industries. Products produced in Fetterolf Valves are all around us. Whether it be nylon clothing, PVC siding in houses, chocolate, spandex sportswear, or Kevlar protective equipment, they have with a high degree of certainty passed through a Fetterolf valve. They are used in many processes in the Chemical, Petrochemical, oil, gas, and offshore applications. We are market leaders for critical valves used in the production of PVC, PTA, TDI/MDI, most polymer applications, PE, HDPE, Lycra, Kevlar, oil upgrading, and tank storage. Fetterolf valves are designed to perform to severe service requirements; and built to last for many years in service.
  1. Offshore

  2. Mining

  3. Petrochemical

  4. Tank Storage

  5. Refinary

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