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Senvion S.A.

We are Senvion. We make wind perform.

About Company:

We develop, produce and distribute wind turbines to suit almost any location, with a rated power ranging from 2 to 6.2 mega­watts. In addition we offer a complete range of project specific solutions in areas such as foundation construction, transport and instal­lation as well as service and maintenance. We are well aware that our turbines are not just powered by the wind. We regard the commitment, knowledge and skill of our more than 4,500 employees as one of the most important resources in our company. Our working relationship with our customers and suppliers is one of partnership and trust. Whether a single wind turbine or a whole wind farm – we have a personal interest in your project and keep an eye on every detail right from the beginning. During the planning phase our engineers work alongside you and other partners to ensure the wind turbine or the wind farm are tailored exactly to your requirements.
  1. Wind Turbines

  2. Service Concept, Service Contracts

  3. Upgrade, Offshore Service, Technical Training

  4. Environmental Integration, SCADA solutions

  5. Location & Site assessment, Grid Integration

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