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BMW added small diesel auxiliary sailboat engines, ranging from 7 to 50 horsepower, to the BMW Marine product lineup. The engines were based on four air-cooled diesel engines manufactured by Hatz, then marinized by BMW Marine. Hurth Marine transmissions and instrument panels were added, and the resulting marine systems were marketed as the D 7, D 12, D 35, and D 50 engines. The engines were among the first in the marketplace to offer balance shaft technology, which made for a smoother running engine. Later, BMW Marine modified the two larger models to reduce the corrosion damage caused by saltwater cooling. The new models were renamed the D 35-2 and D 50-2.
  1. First in the marketplace to offer balance shaft technology

  2. BMW Marine designed and manufactured thousands of special marine parts for the VM tunnel bore blocks

  3. Small diesel auxiliary sail boat engines

  4. Turbocharged marine diesel engine

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