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MAPNA Operation and Maintenance Company (O&M Co)

About Company:

MAPNA Operation & Maintenance Company was established in 2003 with the aim of completing MAPNA Group’s procurement chain which included design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning. MAPNA O&M’s scope of activities includes commissioning, operation, maintenance and performance testing for gas and steam plants, desalination plants, wind farms, and auxiliary equipment of refineries and petrochemical facilities in the Middle East and North Africa region. The company currently provides services for private and government-owned power plants inside Iran and also in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, and the Republic of Azerbaijan. O&M milestones within the past fifteen years include: Operation of approx. 16 percent of Iran’s domestic power capacity; Commissioning more than 190 power plant units (gas, steam, and wind), and four desalination plants; Over 80 overhaul and hot gas path inspection operations; Record 15-day overhaul in 2017; Operation, commissioning and overhaul operations in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, and Azerbaijan Republic.