Cyclotron Engineering Services Limited

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About Company:

At Cyclotron Engineering Services Limited, our primary focus is to employ our specialized, technical expertise in the provision of service to the Petroleum and Energy industry. With key specialty in Turbomachinery, Asset Integrity & Maintenance (TAM) management, we deploy highly effective technologies through creative, customer-adapted solutions. Our top management team brings on board a combined hands-on experience within the industry more than 50 years.
  1. Turbomachinery

  2. Asset Integrity

  3. Maintenance

  4. Operations

  5. Inspections

Services by Cyclotron Engineering Services Limited:

  • Heavy Duty Gas Turbine GenSets - Industrial Gas Turbine GenSets - Aeroderivative Gas Turbines - Marine Gas Turbines - Gas Turbines - Mechanical Drive Gas Turbines - Heavy Duty Gas Engine GenSets - Reciprocating compressor - Gas Engine - Diesel GenSets- Continues Operation
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