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Hebei Keneng Electric Co., Ltd. is the professional manufacturer of power distribution systems in China. We not only manufacture electric equipment, such as switchgears, power transformers, prefabricated substations, circuit breakers and other electrical components, but we can also design electric systems for customers according to their requirements. We have been focusing on research and development in recent years, and we have made great achievement in this industry. We have established long term cooperation relationship with many companies. Our products have been exported to many countries, such as Spain, Mexico, the Philippines, India and Germany, and our products have been used in many projects successfully. Electric equipment is widely used in various areas, such as residential areas, power plants, transformer substations, airports, railway stations, subways, ports, supermarkets, shopping centers, hospitals. And they are also used for many industries, such as paper-making, cement, textile, chemical engineering, food, automobile, metallurgy and mine.
  1. Switchgear

  2. Power Transformer

  3. Potential transformer

  4. Circuit breaker

  5. Prefabricated substation

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