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Bolzano, Italy🇮🇹

The history of Ropatec S.r.l. of Bolzano is an example of how a small company that invests in technology can become a market leader in a few years. Ropatec is gaining important success in many countries both with its Publienergy and energy dedicated products.In 1995 the founder and CEO of Ropatec, Robert Niederkofler started the development of a new way of harnessing wind energy with a vertical axis turbine. The first 3kW turbines were placed close to mountain shelters and in Antarctica with the CNR (Italian National Research Council) collaboration. Thanks to this experiences in 2001 the know-how was high and that allowed the foundation of Ropatec.After 15 years of development and more than 1500 wind turbines sold worldwide Ropatec is now the only company in the world that can offer a product of this kind that suits many applications.

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