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About Company:

Dongying Jiachuan Petro is the Drilling,Cementing and downhole manufacturer with API 5 CT and ISO 9001 certificate. We can OEM and ODM,manufacturer,designing,production,installation,oversea service for petroleum machinery and equipment as per your oil filed site condition to meet your equirements. Founded in 2003 and Consisting of 2 factories : Jinrui Petro Equipment and Jiachuan Commerce exporting department.We have been dedicated to supporting and empowering the word’s largest enterprises to drive innovation and business
  1. We provide quality products at competitive prices with fast delivery

  2. We are a professional cementing tools maker for oilfield services more than 17 years.We have a team including design,produce,sale and after sales oversea service

  3. Our main products include: liner hanger, stage cementing collar, cement head,cement swivel,float equipment(float collar, float shoe), centralizer,stop collar,reamer shoe and other cementing tools

  4. In recent years, JC Petro planning and integrated risk management landscape has drastically evolved, creating precedent challenged that are driven by the need for faster innovation.

  5. We have developed solutions that give these organizations the ability to adapt to these changes, as well as evolve existing technology investments for future success.

Categories of Products Manufactured by Dongying Jiachuan Petro:

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    Single Plug Cement head
    10 Devices
    Double Plug Cement head
    14 Devices
    Drill Pipe Cement head
    6 Devices
    Integral Cement Head
    7 Devices
    Top Drive Cement Head
    1 Device
    Mechanical Stage Cementing Tool
    7 Devices