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ANew Institute specializes in R&D as well as the manufacture of vertical wind turbines. Years of wind turbine research combined with our expertise in the field of aerodynamics resulted in a revolutionary new VAWT design. The technology and know-how underpinning our wind turbines are aerodynamically scalable and can be used to produce bigger and more powerful wind turbines for heavy commercial use, such as wind farms or offshore wind energy projects. The unique features of our vertical turbine design give it a number of advantages over existing competitors, both propeller or VAWT-type. Our current range includes a small 15kW ANew-S1, 200kW ANew-M1, and a 1500kW ANew-B1 Vertical Wind Turbines. ANew Institute-manufactured wind turbines can maximize cost-effectiveness and improve energy production rates of your commercial wind farm or other types of wind energy projects.
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