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Imtex Controls

Pioneering and Innovative Valve Position Monitor and Camtorc Actuator Manufacturers

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The Imtex Controls Group engineer the best design for your projects, operations and customers. We are a leading independent producer of high integrity valve / damper actuation and valve monitoring equipment. Our products are sold primarily into the oil & gas (onshore & offshore), power generation, chemical and marine industries At Imtex Controls we are committed to; The design of high quality products that are easy to install, use and maintain Making designs reliable and efficient in functionality Continuously seeking new solutions to meet current user demands Improving existing designs in order to make them more efficient and simpler to produce Ensuring designs are simple in concept but are safe and environmentally friendly Working with the latest control technology in accordance with international standards All Imtex products are engineered and tested to ensure continuous operation in virtually any environment including extreme service applications.
  1. Pneumatic & Hydraulic Actuator Systems

  2. Electro-Hydraulic Actuator Systems

  3. Extreme Service Actuators

  4. Valve Monitoring & Transmitter Systems

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