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A worldleading supplier of the climate solutions for the future

Amesbury, Massachusetts, United States[email protected]+19783306960

About Company:

Munters is a global leader in innovative, energy-efficient and sustainable climate solutions for mission-critical processes. We offer innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions for customers in many different industries where controlling temperature and humidity is mission-critical. Our solutions reduce customers’ climate and environmental impact through lower resource consumption, and in the process contribute to cleaner air, higher efficiency and reduced carbon emissions. Sustainability is an important part of Munters’ business strategy and value creation.
  1. Agriculture

  2. Battery Dry Rooms

  3. Commercial & Public Buildings

  4. Oil, Gas & Petroleum

  5. Power Generation & Distribution

Categories of Products Manufactured by Munters:

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  • Humidifier & Dehumidifier
    39 Devices
  • Structured Packings
    12 Devices
  • Random Packing
    28 Devices
  • Liquid Collectors
    2 Devices
  • Liquid distributors
    9 Devices
  • Support Plate & Grids
    4 Devices

Services by Munters:

  • Humidifier & Dehumidifier - Bed Limiters - Trays - Random Packing - Structured Packings - Liquid distributors - Vapor distributor - Feed device - Liquid Collectors - Support Plate & Grids