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Eneroil Offshore Drilling Ltd.

About Company:

Eneroil was founded in 1980 and since then we have been performing consistently to excel and cater to the demands of our clients. Starting from tiny steps in the country and through the hard work we slowly could spread our wings and fly across the globe. From the past four decades, We have attained the position of leaders in the market of oil and Gas Industry. The expertise in the supply of casing accessories, centralizers, float equipment and the number of other primary cementing products to the Oil and Gas Industry is remarkably welcomed by clients and this keeps them attached to us and has enabled us to maintain long-lasting relationships. We have our offices in India, South-East Asia and the Middle East and manufacturing units at Delhi-NCR and Middle East which keep us linked to global clients
  1. We employ research and design professionals capable of seeing the future from the eyes of our customers and beyond

  2. Our products are certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API), the International Standards Organization (ISO), and the Eurasian state standard (GOST).

  3. Our global clientele repeatedly testify the superiority of our product

  4. Desire for quality does not impact our prices or delivery times

  5. Our plants have state-of-the-art design, increasing our capacity to manufacture Casing accessories and float equipment

Categories of Products Manufactured by Eneroil Offshore Drilling Ltd.:

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    25 Devices
    Stop Collar
    6 Devices
    Cement Plug
    1 Device
    Float Collar/Float Shoe/Guide Shoe
    11 Devices
    Cement Basket
    1 Device
    Pipe Wiper
    1 Device