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NexTier Oilfield Solutions

Innovate. Integrate. Accelerate.

Houston, Texas, United States

About Company:

NexTier is a leading provider of integrated completions focused on US land. We deliver safe, efficient and innovative services that enable our customers to win by accelerating production while generating leading returns. We know operators are looking for consistency in delivery, so that’s what we provide. As reservoirs become more technically demanding, you want a partner that can listen, innovate and execute solutions to meet your objectives. Our partnership model enables commercial flexibility to ensure success. We adjust our operating model to fit that of our customers, not the other way around. NexTier has the scale, strength and stability to serve as a true value-add partner and evolve with the needs of the market. This means developing new technologies to improve US land operations for our customers and meeting ever-increasing technical demands.
  1. Hydraulic Fracturing

  2. Wireline

  3. Pumpdown

  4. Coiled Tubing

  5. Cementing

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    Coiled Tubing System
    1 Device

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