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CLAXTON IS UNIQUELY POSITIONED TO INNOVATIVELY SOLVE CLIENTS’ OFFSHORE OPERATING CHALLENGES AND ADD VALUE TO PROJECTS TO ACHIEVE OVERALL INCREASED EFFICIENCY. With a proven track record of successful global projects across the life of field, Claxton has built up extensive knowledge and experience of responding to clients’ requirements, eliminating the need for third-party vendors or suppliers. We understand that operators are under increasing pressure to streamline processes and achieve cost savings, which is why we encapsulate a plethora of service and product offerings all under one roof. Providing clients with a single point of contact via our project engineering team ensures that pace and quality of delivery are achieved, greatly impacting the overall project.
  1. Centralization

  2. Drilling tiebacks, templates & structures

  3. Drilling riser systems

  4. Tensioning of risers & conductors

  5. Surface wellhead services

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    Riser Systems
    4 Devices

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