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Vritansh Technologies and Solutions Nigeria

EPC, Power, Renewable Energy & Engineering Solutions -Smart Solutions, LV/MV Panels

About Company:

Vritansh technologies & Solutions Private Limited is an EPC, Power, Renewable Energy & Engineering projects/ Solutions company. Vritansh Technologies has offices in India & Nigeria. We are a proud partner for Schneider Electric, Nigeria. Vritansh has executed various telecom projects for Global telecom Vendor. Vritansh focussed mainly in the areas of - 1. Smart Solar Mini-Grid Solutions with remote monitoring/control. 2. Smart Automation Solutions 3. Power backup and energy-saving solutions. 4. LV/MV Panels. 4. Comprehensive Operation & Maintenance Services. 5. Customized Power Solutions. 6. On-Site Support Services for all your critical Operations. 7. Telecom Enginnering Services. 8. Managed Services Our Solar Solutions are 100% Automated, remotely monitored and do not require manual intervention under normal operations, which makes them highly advanced to optimally utilize renewable energy sources, zero power fluctuations, and achieve more controlled and monitored stable power.W ehaav deployed various Smart & ully-Automated Solar Mini-grid projects which are running successfuly in Nigeria. Our success has largly due to successful customization/integration of thee Solutions.
  1. Power, Renewable & Engineering Solutions

  2. Renewable Source

  3. Low Maintenance

  4. Easy Installation