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Erasing carbon footprint and increasing productivity by replacing fossil fuel generators.

About Company:

SuGree Products stands for Sustainable Green Products. Helping people to switch over to Renewable Energy is our Passion. We develop innovative products in the area of Renewable Energy, Products from industrial and Renewable Energy Waste. Our products : -SuGree Campsite - Solar Generator with battery storage, -SuGree Solar Bench and -SuGree Table.
  1. SuGree Campsite Mini+ Solar Generator Powerbox is Awarded Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label and is now a part of #1000Solutions

  2. Lowest model 1.3 KW Solar System, Generates 4-6 Units a day. 3.6 Units of Battery storage. 1500 watts Power Output.

  3. Choice of Solar Capacity and Energy storage capacities.

  4. Stand-alone warrior. Charging from External Sources also.

  5. Anyone facing challenges of safe, reliable and economical power supply can be beneficial

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