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Tydrillbits founded in 2008 in Shaanxi China. Tydrillbits is mainly engaged in the mining PDC bits, roller cone bits, coring drill, anchor drill, drill rod/pipe, DTH drill, cutting picks, PDC cutter, carbide drill development-production-sales of one-stop service. We also deputy famous oil drill on the domestic market, the purchasing team is very familiar with the domestic production of oil drill manufacturers and products performance, which can provide you with high quality products. Tydrillbits specializes in the development and production of PDC bits of several products with good quality and reasonable price, which are widely used in the construction of drilling and blasting coal, iron ore, geological exploration, tunnels and other construction projects. Now the product has to wait until the praise of foreign customers. Our products have high cost performance, the choice we will allow you to save cost.
  1. Drill Bits Of Coal Mine And Geological Drilling Hole

  2. Metal Mining Drill Bits

  3. PDC Cutter

  4. Pick Teeth

  5. Drill Bits For Oil And Gas

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