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projects for alcohol plant, bioethanol, biofuel, DDGS. The construction of bioethanol plants, turn-key construction of the plant, engineering of reversed water supply, SPS – Sewage Pumping Stations. Microfiltration, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration. Valve trays, bubble-cap trays, sieve deck trays, perforated trays. Equipment for the alcohol plants. Ex pumps (explosion-proof pumps), chemical pumps, pumps for CIP, pumps for evaporating apparatus, pumps for concentrate, pneumatic pumps, chemical pumps, pumps with magnetic coupling, spiral heat exchangers, recuperative heat exchangers, recuperative spiral heat exchanger, heat exchangers for chemicals, spiral heat exchangers for oil, for mash wort, fermentable wort. Distillation column, epuration column, rectification column, the column of the final clearance, booster column, fusel column, distillation system. The drying of fermentable wort, decanter centrifuge, separator, heat-exchangers, dephlegmator, immersion heater. Plunger pumps, fermentable wort pumps, alcohol pump, centrate pump, regular packing. Tower packing. Pall rings, Rashig rings. Ceramic balls, zeolite. Intalox packings. Cascaded ring, metal cascaded packing, alumina balls, ceramic packing. Regular packing. The repair of the pump equipment, mechanical seals for pumps. BTS-ENGINEERING is a diversified enterprise that offers high-quality services, advanced technologies and reliable partnership. Our company unites highly qualified technical specialists, process engineers and managers, which has been proven by a range of successfully implemented projects in alcohol, chemical and petrochemical industry both in Ukraine and abroad. The main branches of our activity refer to engineering services, supply of technologies, process equipment and materials for alcohol, chemical and petrochemical industry.
  1. column equipment for alcohol, chemical and petrochemical industry: high-effective EDV valve trays, column internals, random und structured column packing for improving efficiency of mass transfer processes

  2. heat-exchange equipment for liquid, gas and vapor-liquid media: spiral and shell-and-tube heat exchangers

  3. performing start-up and commissioning works on the sites of installation of designed equipment, systems and technologies.

  4. membrane equipment and membrane technologies for micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration for separation and concentration of mixtures aimed at obtaining valuable components in production of ethanol, biofuel, oils and starch

  5. automatic process control systems

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    Random Packing
    93 Devices
    Liquid Collectors
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    Liquid distributors
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    Support Plate & Grids
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    Mist Eliminators
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