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About Company:

Alborz Turbine was established in 2009 as a reliable support for products and services of MAPNA Group. Since establishment, the company has focused on gas turbines repair and maintenance services, and has provided technical and engineering services for MAPNA Group products since 2011. Alborz Turbine offers various services under long-term service agreement (LTSA) to its clients and is collaborating with a wide range of providers and manufacturers, domestic and international, to accomplish its missions and reach the goals.
  1. Gas Turbine LTSA maintenance

  2. Installation, supervision, and operation of MAPNA Group products and services

  3. Gas turbine lifetime extension (LTE)

  4. Reconstruction, renewal, and upgrading turbine, compressors, and auxiliary equipment

  5. Turbine and compressor major overhaul, manufacturing and procuring spare parts