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Walcoom Corporation

We know your needs, and do it right.

About Company:

Walcoom Corporation, originally founded in 1992, has been the leading manufacturer of wire mesh products. We are well respected in the industry for being trustworthy in quality and service. To meet and exceed customers' expectations have been our core value since establishment, which promotes our senior executives to make proactive changes constantly in the market. At Walcoom, we ensure you to source the most optimal solution at full worth of your money spent with us.
  1. Over twenty years' experience in wire meshes marketing.

  2. Quality guaranteed, all manufacturers are ISO 9001 certified.

  3. Meeting diverse needs of wire mesh industries.

  4. Technical problem solving to give you a competitive advantage.

Categories of Products Manufactured by Walcoom Corporation:

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    Structured Packings
    38 Devices
    Random Packing
    117 Devices
    Support Plate & Grids
    4 Devices
    Mist Eliminators
    22 Devices