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Florida, United States


Since its inception in 1959, service and dedication to our customers’ needs has shaped the level of excellence provided by Powercon. The total commitment of all our employees is involved in achieving the quality and distinction for which our products and services are recognized. Powercon and its vendors focus on service and quality as the principle vehicle for achieving higher levels of performance. Our manufacturing cost structure leaves no room for solving problems that flow from poor quality. Quality is synonymous with excellence, it cannot be achieved by slogans or exhortation only. It can only be achieved by diligent planning and setting in place a continuous quality improvement process. Quality demands top management leadership and continuous involvement in the process activities. The successful quality operation is characterized by an organization of quality trained and motivated employees working in a free environment where all management encourages individual creativity, initiative, and trust and where employee contributions are actively sought to upgrade, not only the product, but its quality. It should be satisfying to our customers to know that when the registrar for our ISO-9001 registration asked one of our employees what quality meant to him, his reply was, “Quality means to me bread on the plates of my family.” Our ultimate goal is to have a satisfied customer using our product with safety, performance, conformance, a minimum of maintenance, and a maximum of reliability. Compliance with all the American standards, which are more rugged than most other world standards, has made American switchgear products the best in the world. Our philosophy to adhere to these standards, maintain a quality program, listen to and implement the innovations introduced by our customers, vendors, and Powercon employees has resulted in the “proof of the pudding” – repeat orders – no layoffs – new developments – and improved production facilities. We hope that the information contained in our Web Site will be both informative and beneficial. We respectfully request your inquiries and hope that you will be able to learn more about the services and products available from Powercon.

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