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DOKAT Robotics Inc.

AI Based Air Purifiers

Chicago, Illinois, United States[email protected]+4088869996

About Company:

Dokat, Inc is a Biotech-Robotics Research and Manufacturing company headquartered in Chicago, USA. Our objective is to make novel, powerful and efficient air sanitation products using A.I. Current product line includes DOKAT Deep UV Air sterilizer, Air sterilizer robots and A.I. Guaranteed Irradiation devices. Our solutions have been deployed in hundreds of hospitals and indoor environments around the world.
  1. Power of UV & ION Technology

  2. Eliminates 99.% of Germs

  3. Filterless Design

  4. Rapid Disinfection, 100% UV Leak Proof

  5. Ozone Free

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    Air Filter & Purifier
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