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Founded in 1993, SOLARWATT is today one of the leading providers of photovoltaic systems with more than 460 employees worldwide - of the highest quality. We are a pioneer in the photovoltaic industry. Our goal is to enable you to be self-sufficient with solar power. Our core competencies are based on the three pillars of generating energy, managing energy and storing energy . We use it to develop complete PV system solutions with which you can generate and consume your own electricity cleanly and economically. You will regain control of your energy budget and become less dependent on electricity providers. We live our slogan "power to the people". Only SOLARWATT can provide you with a tailor-made complete solution for your personal energy transition. With us you get high-quality glass-glass solar modules, intelligent energy management and power storage from a single source. All of these products are developed by SOLARWATT engineers and produced in Germany.
  1. Quality from Germany

  2. Innovative Products

  3. Business relationships based on partnership

  4. Diverse products, Years of experience

  5. environmental friendliness

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