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About Company:

Our Group is recognised for its position as a leader and its ability to innovate. We provide high-tech cryogenic equipment and services to major gas companies and benefit from a worldwide presence backed by our extensive customer service network. Our decision-making and research centre employing 600 people has been based in Hesingue, Alsace, for more the 50 years. As the market leader, we develop a wide range of equipment for the process industry. We offer our customers a wide and advanced range of pumps, turbines, compressors, vaporisers, heat exchangers and filling stations.
  1. Industrial Gas

  2. Petrochemical process

  3. Hydrogen

  4. Clean power generation

  5. Well Services

Categories of Products Manufactured by Cryostar:

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    Turbo Expanders
    28 Devices
    Turboexpander Generator
    10 Devices
    Turboexpander Compressor
    15 Devices